Seth Roberts, author of the Shangri-la Diet, has been conducting a self-experiment with large doses of flaxseed oil to see if the increase in Omega-3 fatty acids creates noticeable benefits across functions such as balance, arithmetic and memory.

The Knackered Hack has been “using” flaxseed oil for some considerable time, but intermittently and in much smaller doses than Seth is recommending. The two Chips off the old Hack are expected to take the nasty liquor each morning, although invariably one slinks out of it, while the other spills it.

So, in the interests of science (or at least productivity), I’m going to up my intake and see what happens, following some email reassurance from Seth. The metric of success will be whether I can update this blog more frequently, while simultaneously making the posts more readable.

The serious point in Seth’s article is that if balance is indeed affected, this finding could be particularly useful to the elderly.

Balance is also a function of core stability. Without varied exercise, our sedentary lifestyles tend to weaken the muscles in our trunk. I’ve been working on this a little of late and will provide more updates soon as that program develops.

Incidentally, eight hours after starting this regime, I nearly fell over. I was trying to turn off my MP3 player while walking down two stone steps, and started falling, almost twisting my ankle. Was this the oil not working? Or maybe without it things might have turned out a lot worse…?

[PS The word 'flaccid' has only been re-introduced into the Knackered Hack House Style Guide since we turned off the Google ads a few weeks ago. Let's hope we don't attract too much spam for our boldness.]

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