Google can be a cruel, deflating thing. You come up with a great idea (like “the Stand-up Economist”, or Arsebook) and then, by googling, you discover that someone else with a greater talent has gotten there first. Or possibly second, but they got off their backside and actually did something about it.

So, hats off to Yoram Bauman. Yoram claims to be “the world’s first and only stand-up economist”. By chance, the Knackered Hackette and I also coined the title “the stand-up economist” a few years back. But we stuffed it away in a miscellaneous ideas file where it languished. Frankly, it wasn’t going to get off the starting blocks here at Knackered Towers as we were lacking the two principal incentives:-

1) neither of us had any stand-up comic abilities, and

2) neither of us was an economist

The same can hardly be said of Yoram, whom we stumbled across while jealously checking that epithet about a year ago. But there are no sour grapes – honest. Here he is, brilliantly untangling the 10 key principles of economics for us lesser mortals:

And here he is in less academic, more obviously stand-up, mode:

The great news is that Yoram will be coming to Europe next month, which is extremely fortunate for us as he is acutely aware of his carbon footprint and travels infrequently.

He has two nights only in the UK: 18th and 19th April. And that’s where you come in. You can catch up with him in Oxford on Saturday 19th April.

Also, he is still looking for a meaningful (and hopefully lucrative) way to spend his evening on Friday 18th April, preferably in London. So, if you’d like to book him for a West End comedy club, corporate shin-dig, academic chortle, national TV/radio appearance, or just a private soirée, grab him while you can via

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