Monkey Nuts from the DFC

From Galleon-a-Go-Go, a Monkey Nuts story in the DFC Issue 22

I mentioned The DFC comic a few weeks back:-

There’s been a new Friday ritual in the Knackered household since May. A vibrant red-and-yellow A4 envelope, emblazoned with the letters “DFC”, drops through the letter slot to sizzle like a stick of cartoon dynamite on the doormat until the kids (8 and 13 years old) get home from school. They can’t wait to rip it open and devour the 36-page comic inside.

For newer readers (welcome aboard, me hearties!), this is a project from David Fickling Books and a large group of talented storytellers and illustrators aspiring to revive the children’s comic format, somewhat in the image of the adventure comics of the post-war period.

Our friends at The DFC have just informed us that copies will be available this week on a non-subscription basis for the first time. This gives you the chance to test out the comic on your kids, grandchildren, godchildren, nephews or nieces etc without requiring the full commitment to a subscription. So, for those who won’t take our word for it and sign up immediately, we’re happily spreading the message. Make a trip to Tesco between Nov 26-Dec 2 and be sure to pick up a copy for the modest outlay of £1.99 (it carries no ads, folks). Perhaps get one for your school too, and encourage them to subscribe. The enterprising DFC team is also looking for schools who would like them to conduct a comic workshop.

If you’re outside the UK, you can avail yourself of a subscription to The DFC online in any event. As a Christmas present that arrives every Friday throughout the year, and one that will keep the kids away from the TV and off the computer, what could be better?

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