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It’s not Friday, nor Saturday, but this Christmas gingerbread dough (not paleo, nor mandelbrodt) cracked on its under side as it was rolled out. It struck me that the pattern was similar to the Wikipedia image below, formed by an electrical burn through a block of wood.

Whether this biscuit break is a genuine fractal, I’d happily invite comments. But fractal or not, in the Knackered House, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Fractal-shaped wood burn

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Tweet Many people will claim prescience in the matter of Bernard Madoff‘s investment scam, although fund manager Nicola Horlick and MarketWatch columnist Irwin Kellner will not be among them.  Both were heavily invested it seems.  However, sharp-eyed readers will remember my explicit warning of a few weeks ago through the vehicle of Jake Thackray’s music. […]


Not quite Friday, and perhaps not quite fractal.  What do you think? Frost on a sun-roof.  More words to follow soon.

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Renault Laguna from the air

Renault Laguna seen from above on a cold and frosty morning

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Tweet I wonder if Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success is going to inadvertently create a popular misunderstanding about success similar in form to my previously stated fear about what a superficial reading of Gut Feelings and The Wisdom of Crowds would do for effective decision-making. In a few Twitter exchanges yesterday, the notion […]

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