‘I said to myself, this guy’s interesting!’ – Nassim Taleb, author of bestsellers Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets and The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. [Taleb was described by the Sunday Times Magazine June 1 2008, as 'now the hottest thinker in the world']

‘I think you will enjoy Nassim’s discussion with the blogger at during his Lunch with Taleb. I did.’ – Professor Art de Vany, author of Hollywood Economics: How extreme uncertainty shapes the film industry

‘This is a really lovely blog’ – David Fickling, Head of David Fickling Books, publisher of children’s author Philip Pullman and an imprint of Random House

‘Brilliance!’ – Dan Goldstein, Associate Professor of Marketing, London Business School

‘A knackered hack is what i am but sadly you’ve grabbed the label’ – Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, Royal Society of the Arts (and formerly Chief Adviser on Political Strategy for Tony Blair)

‘Terrific essay on the new world of journalism. The headline alone is worth it.’ – Andy Lark, formerly Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Dell Computer Corporation

‘An interesting essay that pokes and prods the ideas of local journalism and “small-unit publishing”, bringing into the mix a 1940s (?) newsreel about journalism and the suggestion, “It’s good for journalists to reflect that a fully paid-up salaried profession may not be the future, was not always the past and may not even be an accurate representation of the present any longer.” This is one of those posts that bears a lot of thought.’ – Mark Hamilton, Vancouver-based journalism teacher and blogger at Notes from a Teacher

‘…@knackeredhack is one of my favourite reads’ — Thomas Otter, Research Director, Gartner, Inc., and blogger at Vendorprisey

‘Fantastic new phrase from @knackeredhack. “timing the banana”. BRILLIANT!’ — James Governor, Co-Founder, RedMonk

‘Your “hack” is easily the most elegant site of its kind – or any other kind – that I’ve seen.’ – a law tutor, Cambridge University

‘I don’t know what this is about, but on the other hand I’ll link to irrelevant things if they seem irrelevant enough. . .’ – Professor Andrew Gelman, Director of the Applied Statistics Centre, Columbia University, and blogger at Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Science.

‘That’s the nicest way anyone has ever told me to shut up until I have something to say…’ – Richard Sambrook, Director of BBC Global News

Knackered Hack has been listed as one of the top journalism sites and top decision science sites on the web at Guy Kawasaki‘s

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