There has been a consistent bias in the reporting and analysis of the latest terrorist incident that the source of the crime is “somewhere else.” That extends both to the human and technical resources deployed. So there is a great “shock” when the terrorists are discovered to be young local men living in relatively tight-knit communities, and a similar reversal when the explosives used are “home-made” rather than of an industrial/military source.

Still, we look for identity cards, and controls on the movement of suspect foreigners, when already we should know different. The two shoe bombers were both home-grown and with home-made explosives. Only their arrest avoided last week’s catastrophe occurring earlier.

The bias on display is that ordinary folk live in a safe well-ordered and relatively low-tech society and the bad stuff is extrinsic. The truth that we are discovering about globalisation is that threats that used to be foreign are now indigenous, and this may be much more of an issue of technology and media than immigration, religion or multi-culturalism to which the right will point. Necessary discussion of the latter meanwhile is hampered by the liberal bias of political correctness, and dare one say it, the ostensible quality of Muslim leadership in the UK if those put up for interview are anything to go by.

In any event, the underlying cause is probably one of cultural alienation and despair, probably involving some level of mental illness, and independent of religion. After all Timothy McVeigh of the Oklahoma bombing was no immigrant, or Muslim. Nevertheless, this does not let the religious communities in which these terrorists live off the hook–quite the contrary.

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